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The objectives of the society are to provide a forum for those interested in numismatics to share their knowledge with fellow members and for the novice to develop his or her interest on the subject. Most win-win casino game of thrones free slots! Manage to collect your winnings!

Our members interests cover UK coins hammered milled and modern, British Colonial and Commonwealth, Roman, Greek, Parthian, Ancient and foreign. Communion Tokens and tokens in general. The spectrum of medals is covered by military, commemorative, art, sport and life saving medals. Tokens, Paper Money, Cheques, Counters, Tallies and Weights also feature.


Meetings are held at the White Horse Trowse Norwich on the third Monday of each month at 7.30 p.m.


Nominees for Full, Associate, Joint and Student membership must be approved by two Officers. If accepted they will become members on payment of the appropriate rate of subscription.

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